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vtigerCRM mode - jayo2005 - 04-15-2015

I am trying to use it in vtigerCRM mode. I created a new user, profile and role. I added this user to PortalConfig.php with the correct access key. I also changed main.php to
'vtyiicpngScope' => 'vtigerCRM',  //  CPortal | vtigerCRM
    'notSupportedModules' => array(
            'vtigerCRM' => array(

I am then using the email and password for that new user and I get the error.

(1) Given user name could not be found.

It works fine in CPortal mode for contacts.

Even after changing the vtyiicpngScope' => 'vtigerCRM I can still log in using a contact CPortal details.

Re: vtigerCRM mode - jayo2005 - 04-15-2015

When logged it with a contact portal details it works and I can add contacts etc. Is this the way I should be logging in using the contact portal details and not the user profile.