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Mail Converter - dennisa - 05-05-2015

Is there a step by step procedure on how to use or set up the Mail Converter?
try to figure out how to utilize this one.
Are there any sample or instances how this is being helpful?
thank you,
coreBOS 5.5.0

RE: Mail Converter - joebordes - 05-05-2015

Have a look here, see if that helps:

we use this to integrate with Typeform, there is some information here that may help you get an idea

RE: Mail Converter - Tenmakoru - 10-24-2020

Hi! joebordes the first link provided is down, could you indicate another? I appreciate your collaboration

RE: Mail Converter - joebordes - 10-24-2020


those pages have been moved to the corebos wiki:


RE: Mail Converter - CharlesLuies - 04-15-2022

I appreciate your collaboration too