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Simulate value for payments - rslemer - 04-15-2019

I have a situation

My user need simulate a final value in payments, depends on a kind of payments ( because your costs )


If payments in cash, not is necessary calculate a cost and not is necessary, in negotiation, any value in consumer final value for payments

But if, payments will be Credit Card ( and in Brazil is possible divide total value in month payments ) has a cost for this

In this case, user needs, simulate, various values with client ( normally in phone call )

What kind of solution, we can be suggest me, for create a special block ( without save a registry ) for this kind of problem

In fact, for use, the better is a button like as calculator, when you can put all values and system get a final value for a amount in payments ( but I think it is is most of complicated ... )

RE: Simulate value for payments - joebordes - 04-15-2019

This seems like a job for a spreadsheet. Probably most effective would be an integration with Google sheets or Ethercalc. We have integrations with both lying around

RE: Simulate value for payments - rslemer - 04-25-2019

I created a new application coded in javascript

Better if was possible captured some data from this new window, to coreBOS, is possible?

There any example for starting this coding?

RE: Simulate value for payments - joebordes - 04-26-2019

implement a developer block

RE: Simulate value for payments - joebordes - 04-27-2019

RE: Simulate value for payments - rslemer - 04-28-2019

Good video and explanation

I think this I can do, two user requests

1) When Service Contratcs is a specific type, shows a alert message, "Contract Priority"

2) Add a comment block into a new block I was created in service contract module, too