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[ solved ] Issue - new user - rslemer - 07-03-2019

In my installation, before create a new user

Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file.
We are looking for this file path: user_privileges/sharing_privileges_53.php
We are looking here:
Real file path:
Root dir path: /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/

I think is necessary update all files, thru git hub again, right?

RE: Issue - new user - joebordes - 07-03-2019

does the file exist? recalculate the user_privileges files and try again

RE: Issue - new user - rslemer - 07-03-2019

First I try only recalculate privileges, not working

I updated all code with git pull and execute a corebos_updater

recalculate privileges again