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migration from vtiger 6.2 - manu - 05-22-2015

Can I use the module to migrate from vtiger 6.2 to Corebos ?
Second point : is there a way to migrate from Corebos5 to Vtiger 6.2
Thanks in advance,


RE: migration from vtiger 6.2 - joebordes - 05-22-2015

6.2 to coreBOS should be VERY easy. We already have migration from 6.1 and the changes from 6.1 to 6.2 are very small. I estimate a few hours of work, half a day at most. Contact me if you need this, I will make it cheap.

coreBOS to vtiger CRM 6 is something you will have to ask vtiger crm community for, I personally have no interest :-D

Have a nice weekend