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email on ticket - Michel001 - 07-17-2019

How can i resolve this issue ?

when i have a ticket in corebos and click on
More information

you get the option to see the e-mails.
when i open an e-mail and want to reply on that e-mail a popup opens where i can type what i want to send.

but when i press the send button the next popups open

Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file.
We are looking for this file path: modules//.php
We are looking here:
Real file path:
Root dir path: /var/www/html/coreboscrm/

RE: email on ticket - rslemer - 07-17-2019

Hi Michel001

Almost times is a permissions issues ...
look your httpd or apache logs

RE: email on ticket - joebordes - 07-24-2019

as rslemer indicates, this is caused by some error that should appear in the logs, especially in the corebos logs
I would suggest you activate the debug logs and reproduce the error, then search for "error" in the log file and share the results with us
I tried your exact steps in my development install and had no problem