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Workflow to change event type - Shao - 06-12-2015

According to the:

- I'm trying to set workflow to change event type to past due. I tried with due date is < get_date('today'), but its not working.

edit: Works - it should be "today".

RE: Workflow to change event type - Shao - 06-17-2015

Why with "is less than today" activity is changing for today too? Also, i dont understand why it doesnt work with "due date is yestarday" - its changing today activities too.

RE: Workflow to change event type - joebordes - 06-17-2015

Try using evalwf.php helper script, it is really useful in terms of understanding what the application is doing as it shows you exactly what SQL it will execute to obtain the records.

copy build/HelperScripts/evalwf.php to the root of your install (where is)

call it in the browser passing in the workflowid of the workflow you want to evaluate

it will return information about the work to be done

I remember having a hard time understanding the different options and I still use evalwf each time I need to setup one of these.

Try that and let us know how it goes.