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Filter with null condition - rslemer - 09-18-2019

I need list all tickets without a assigned to with a valid value

I tried

Assigned to equals null

But system list all tickets, instead of only with no valid value

What I did wrong?[]=filter

the inverse works, ie not equal null lists all with assigned relationship

listview debug

SELECT vtiger_troubletickets.title, vtiger_crmentity.smownerid, vtiger_troubletickets.status, vtiger_troubletickets.parent_id, vtiger_crmentity.createdtime, vtiger_troubletickets.from_mailscanner, vtiger_troubletickets.ticketid FROM vtiger_troubletickets INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity ON vtiger_troubletickets.ticketid = vtiger_crmentity.crmid LEFT JOIN vtiger_users ON vtiger_crmentity.smownerid = LEFT JOIN vtiger_groups ON vtiger_crmentity.smownerid = vtiger_groups.groupid LEFT JOIN vtiger_account ON vtiger_troubletickets.parent_id = vtiger_account.accountid LEFT JOIN vtiger_contactdetails ON vtiger_troubletickets.parent_id = vtiger_contactdetails.contactid WHERE vtiger_crmentity.deleted=0 AND ( (( trim(vtiger_account.accountname) IS NOT NULL OR trim(CONCAT(vtiger_contactdetails.firstname,' ',vtiger_contactdetails.lastname)) IS NOT NULL) )) AND vtiger_troubletickets.ticketid > 0 ORDER BY vtiger_troubletickets.title DESC

RE: Filter with null condition - joebordes - 04-23-2020

this should be fixed now