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Accounts Statement - huskybob - 12-09-2019

guys please can you help me

i have installed the latest CoreBOS and am trying to find out how to create an Accounts Statement that i can email to my clients to show what invoices are outstanding for payment ie: current, 30 days, 90 days etc.

i have looked at the following link -[]=statements

is there a module that i need to install to do this?

any help greatly appreciated Smile

RE: Accounts Statement - joebordes - 12-09-2019

You should be able to do that with GenDoc

and/or Metabase for sure

You can also do it with a normal report and sort the invoices by dure date descending, then schedule the report to be sent whenever you want

RE: Accounts Statement - huskybob - 12-10-2019

joebordes thank you for your support, much appreciated

RE: Accounts Statement - joebordes - 12-10-2019