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custom function - RD Station integration - rslemer - 02-27-2020

My user wish, each lead received thru integration ( RD Station ) is distributed to each user in prospecting time

Today, I have in my system, RD station integration working, but all itens received is created as a new and user is always the same ( using in integration )

I wish created a code to look how many registries each user have already assign to, and distributed equally ( rouding roubin )

and another request, if lead received in integration, already in CRM lead ( test with the field email ) registry not wil be duplicated, but updated with a new data received

How I can created and call a custom function to do that?

RE: custom function - RD Station integration - rslemer - 02-28-2020

it seems to me that the RD station is a cloud system that consumes and originates webservices operations in coreBOS

and I thought of something similar to the integrations that are today in the utilities menu

because my needs are possible to automate with the business map and workflow

I mean, when they don't originate from webservices