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dropzone.js error - saidmsl - 08-29-2015


the dropzone widget for upload image inside products is heratic and most of times does not load :

test :
- download in and latest corebos code from github (no changes in code, blank DB with demo data)
- run and apply all cbupdaters

when i go to a product, click or drag a file on the widget, no action (popup window for selecting the file does not appear)


RE: dropzone.js error - joebordes - 08-29-2015

Try this (just to confirm): once you load the detail view of the product reload the page and try the widget again.

I have detected that the first load of the page does not work most times but reloading works always. I think it has something to do with the old jquery library we are using and I am trying to organize a big change to be able to prove my theory

RE: dropzone.js error - saidmsl - 08-29-2015

as i said : it's heratic, sometimes it works , sometime no, i have tested with different computers (windows , Mac, ) and different browsers
you have to reload the page twice or 3 times to works

looking at the chrome console log, the dropzone.js is loaded but not working

RE: dropzone.js error - saidmsl - 08-29-2015


i have "resolved" the issue by dropping dropzone and using :

code is copied from :

it is better stable and load on first call


RE: dropzone.js error - joebordes - 08-30-2015

Wow!! Sounds nice.

Can you create a pull request or share the code so I can change it in the project?

RE: dropzone.js error - saidmsl - 08-30-2015

here is it :

unzip the fileupload folder inside include/jquery
replace dropzone.tpl in Smatrty/templates/modules/Products

RE: dropzone.js error - joebordes - 06-28-2016

We have released a version 5.8 which has eliminated prototype. We are only using jquery now and the dropzone plugin seems to be working correctly on this new version.