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Vtiger 7 Migration? - yak39c.e - 04-09-2020

Hi all,
I have been a long time user of Vtiger 5.x and 6.x...and I recall the wonderful community being around that software in that time.
After a long pause I came to find out about CoreBOS and was really happy to find an even better environment around here.
Unfortunately I found it a little too late. My company has a VTiger 7.x solution in the final stages before going in production.

I have found in these forums instructions to migrate from vtiger 6.x but could not find any indication for vt7. I realize the architecture is quite different, still I'm going to ask: is there no way to do it at all?
Thank you!

RE: Vtiger 7 Migration? - joebordes - 04-09-2020

Hi. I'm glad you like what you see and you are very welcome to the community :-)

We didn't implement a migration from 7 because nobody asked us for it. I don't think it would be that difficult, but it will require some dedication. We have to read the vtigercrm migration script and "undo" the changes they make so we convert a 7 database into a 6. From there we have the migration scripts

If you are interested contact me and I will have a closer look at the migration process and give you a real estimate of the effort.