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webservices and workflow - saidmsl - 09-02-2015


just a quick and dummy question :
if i create an entity using webservices (ex :

does it call and run any related workflow or event?


RE: webservices and workflow - omarllorens - 09-03-2015


Yes, the workflows and events are executed from Webservices.

Did you tried and didn't work?

RE: webservices and workflow - saidmsl - 09-03-2015

no , not yet,
i thinking about integrating with an external application but with 2 ways sync , it will go into a loop
ie :
webhook (extenral) --> webservice (corebos)
workflow (corebos) -> web api (external) --> webhook (external)
so it's a no-go for me and i will recreate the application from strach