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Help with automation from mail scanner - rslemer - 08-12-2020

When anybody call to my user, and leave a message, my Ipx system send a new email with message attached

email has in body text like that

There is a new voicemail in mailbox 403:

Today I have a rule in mail scanner for all that's message for created a new ticket for each message, but I that's ticket willbe assigned to the group ( attendant ), and I wish assined each ticket to a user with a same extension

Is this case I wish search for extension "403" and setting this ticket to user with thats extension in your preferences

I know exists table with that association extension to user, but how I can search for that in mail scanner e usar essa informação? Or better created a workflow after that's was created ? I think I need created a custom function for that right?

I appreciate any suggestion ...

RE: Help with automation from mail scanner - joebordes - 10-17-2021

workflow expresion

getIDof('Users', 'asterisk_extension', 'the extension to search here')

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