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Update error cbupd-0000365 - LorenzoGreco - 09-22-2020

hi all
i don't understand the error during update ( pic attached)
UPDATE vtiger_fieldmodulerel SET relmodule=? WHERE relmodule=? Array([0] => cbCalendar[1] => Calendar)

someone can help me
thanks in advance

RE: Update error cbupd-0000365 - joebordes - 09-23-2020


That is just a warning. It is a global change that will affect only some installs. Most installs will not need that change. The changeset is just informing that in your install there was no change.

If you look at that changeset it should be marked as applied and done.

Nothing to worry about

RE: Update error cbupd-0000365 - LorenzoGreco - 09-23-2020

yes it is applied
tnx Joe