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Upgrade old Vtiger to Corebos - addady2 - 01-10-2021


What the right way to upgrade old Vtiger installations like 5.1 and 5.21 to up to date Corebos.
How complicated and time consuming it is?


RE: Upgrade old Vtiger to Corebos - joebordes - 01-10-2021

The path is to follow vtiger CRM steps to upgrade to 5.4 and then take it from there to coreBOS following the steps in our documentation.

my personal experience is that it is time-consuming. Mostly because you have to review the code changes that have been made, document them, and see how the same functionality can be achieved in coreBOS. That requires some attention and care. I usually create a script where I add code that applies specific changes for this particular migration. This script also applies some database changes that directly do the coreBOS minimum steps to get coreBOS Updater installed. Once you have Updater, things are easier.

Let me know if I can help in any way