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RE: workflows function expression - inspectorflint - 07-23-2021

Thanks, Joe.

Where can I learn this native workflow expressions to do this? Really if this performance can be done in this way I prefer to use it...

Can you guide me on how to do it?

Thanks again

RE: workflows function expression - joebordes - 07-23-2021

Use the "Update field" task

Select the field you want to fill in
Click on the value field, the workflow expression editor opens, select "Expression" and write the expression you need to do the calculation

RE: workflows function expression - inspectorflint - 07-24-2021

It works perfectly! Thanks!

It is possible that the update value use fields of modules which arenĀ“t related with the module? Exactly the tax1 field..

Thanks again, Joe

RE: workflows function expression - joebordes - 07-25-2021

You can only access fields on related modules:

Look in the InventoryDetails module for tax calculations: that module should have everything you need if the numbers aren't already on the module itself (look at the fields on the Financial Information block)

If you are trying to access the Settings variables for taxes that can't be done but should be rather easy to do

RE: workflows function expression - gtccabs - 07-25-2021

Nice Work Thanks For Sharing This Post