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RE: Outgoing Mail Server - Wallace Johnson - 06-16-2021

Hi there Joe,

I have been able to get the correct server entered onto the outgoing email server settings, when I save the config it succesfully sends an email to the end user advising them they can ignoe the message, however the support tickets they are generating are being delayed on delivery by 12 mins from corebos to outlook client
You help is appreciated


RE: Outgoing Mail Server - joebordes - 06-17-2021

this is normal

the workflow emails are put on a queue and sent in the background, that queue is processed by the operating system cron, so if you have that cron configured to run every 12min or so then that will be the delay of the emails

the frequency of the workflow system in Scheduled tasks also has a say in the delay, so you have to combine the two processes to reduce that delay time

Let me know how it goes

RE: Outgoing Mail Server - inspectorflint - 07-21-2021


One question. It is possible to manage multiple email accounts (send/receive) in CoreBos? There was any plugin for this purpose? Or only one?



RE: Outgoing Mail Server - joebordes - 07-23-2021

normally you only need one outgoing email server as coreBOS uses SMTP Relay. You can get an idea of what that means and the implications here:

Since spammers use that technique it isn't supported by all SMTP servers. If your SMTP server is one of those you can go to the Utilities section and configure an outgoing email for each user.

Incoming has always been supported.