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"Uninstall" Free Module PDFMaker - Peter A. Gebhardt - 12-16-2015

I've just tried out PDFMaker Free for vtiger 5.40 via "Install Custom Module".

But there is NO "Uninstall". Only a checkmark to disable it!

One way to get rid of it (if you don't like to use the module):

1. Rename/Delete ... corebos/modules/PDFMaker
2. Rename/Delete ... corebos/Smarty/templates/modules/PDFMaker


3. Delete any instance of PDFMaker in 'vtiger_links' in your CoreBOS database.

Only then you get rid of the annoying message "PDFMaker is not installed" when you view or create eg. an invoice etc.

Best regards

RE: "Uninstall" Free Module PDFMaker - joebordes - 12-16-2015

You can use our delete module script which can be found in your build/HelperScripts directory:

change CalendarSync to PDFMaker and comment lines 21 and 22 which are not relevant in this case.