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Error with Account Number - mindkicker - 12-10-2021

Hi, everyone,

in the PDF Maker module, I always displayed the customer's organization number in the template for invoices. The field for this is $R_ACCOUNTS_ACCOUNT_NO$, unfortunately none of this is displayed in the generated PDF. All other fields like $INVOICE_INVOICE_NO$ are displayed. Has the name changed here? How do I get the organization number displayed again?

Many thanks for your help


RE: Error with Account Number - mindkicker - 12-13-2021

Anybody some ideas?

RE: Error with Account Number - mindkicker - 12-21-2021

I think there is an error because other fields like $R_ACCOUNTS_ACCOUNTNAME$ from the organsation-section are also empty in my generated invoice. Is there anybody who can help me?

RE: Error with Account Number - joebordes - 01-16-2022

I tried to find some people to help you but it seems they can't. You can try in the gitter channel, there are still some people using PDFMaker there.
That said, you should start moving to GenDoc, PDFMaker is no longer supported and we will not be taking it to PHP 8