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Create a special custom field - LorenzoGreco - 10-15-2022

Hi All
I don't understand how to create a custom field like Term and Conditions in quote module.

in quote Module i can Choose Termand condition in a Field (tandc

and this choose fill automatically the field (terms_conditions Text Area 65535

is possible to create other field like this, and ( i suppose the answer) using html format?

i Would like this, because i use quote e gendoc to send the Quote, but i need to insert something like service description

Other way is to create a Fake product whit a long description, and print this description.

or i don't know how gendoc can generate the pdf document and in the same time add specific sheet of an other formatted pdf.

i hope anyone has an idea.

RE: Create a special custom field - joebordes - 10-30-2022

two ideas come to mind

1.- add a uitype 10 field to some module where you save the description, the HTML or text you want to put in GenDoc. For example, add a uitype 10 to the Faq module. You select there the record that has the text for each sales order. Then, in GenDoc, you will be able to access the information from the related/selected record. You can install and use the Conversation module, too, or use any module with a big description field.

2.- add a text field and a uitype 10 (again any module with a text field). add a field dependency business map that triggers on the selection of a record in the new uitype 10 field and calls fieldDep_GetField to get the value of the field you want and saves it in the Sales order text field (this is what the current terms and conditions uitype 10 field does)

let me know how it goes