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Multi-Select combo box - paul - 03-16-2016

Is it possible to remove a selection once the initial selection's been stored? Also, is it possible to import selections to this field.

Many thanks in advance


RE: Multi-Select combo box - joebordes - 03-16-2016

Yes you can edit this type of fields selecting and deselecting as needed. Just hold down the Control key to modify the selections. Let me know if you can't get it working and I will record a video for you.

No, this type of field cannot be imported yet. I have that in sight and it should be easy but it is waiting on a more important change that modifies the way picklist are saved internally because the way it is now is incorrect for countries with special characters. If you need it urgently you can:

- import normally and directly modify the database
- send an email to us and ask for a quote, that will elevate the priority

RE: Multi-Select combo box - paul - 03-17-2016


I've made a workaround for the time being. I created a new block called 'Quality' and put in there a bunch of tick boxes (yes/no) with one text field for 'Other'. I think that'll work for us.

Thanks for your input.