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Centralisation - polanskiman - 06-18-2014

You should use only one platform for everything involving improvements/development to corebos, namely this forum. I see that you also have Linkedin and Google+. In my opinion you should only use those as promotional tools and not development tools. Redirecting people to post here instead would give more life to this forum. I don't know if you noticed but I've posted nearly as mush as you and there is only a few active users here.

Re: Centralisation - joebordes - 06-30-2014

One platform is clearly not enough, mainly because there are a lot of people with many different ways of accessing the project and because this forum can't do certain things that a project like coreBOS needs (for example, the ticketing system).

That said, in general I agree with you and I personally love phpBB, but is does entail additional administration issues and I did not plan to set it up. Thanks to Mark Weaver at who volunteered and set this up on his own initiative I now see how important it is. I have changed a few links and comments and, more importantly, my mind set and will put the heavy lifting on this forum from now on.

I will keep the other channels open.

Re: Centralisation - joebordes - 07-05-2014

Community seems to be more into "modern" systems and leaning towards trello for project management:

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right now the logo contest has been setup there