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email scanner - rslemer - 08-16-2016

There are one problem with we use a eMail Scanner

Is necessary to specify, after email scanner work, message is set on read or not ready

Thats cause some confusion, with use mailbox administration, with users

I wish, email scanner, not change a message status ( if not read, leave not read ), otherwise, if read leave read

How i can change that?

RE: email scanner - joebordes - 08-22-2016

I think this is the way it works.
I have been doing some tests. If you set the post-scan option to "SEEN" then it will mark the email as seen. If you leave it blank then it will leave the message as it found it.
At least that is what I understand from the code and what I see from my testing.

RE: email scanner - rslemer - 08-22-2016

I will try