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Mobile - rslemer - 08-16-2016

What mobile solution works with coreBOS ?

RE: Mobile - joebordes - 08-16-2016

AFAIK: none
I have never heard of any user speak well or sufficiently about any of the existing apps.
Try http://your_server/your_corebos/modules/Mobile

Our current position is to create specific solutions using coreBOS as the backend.

RE: Mobile - rslemer - 08-17-2016

Not working for me

Any module, not listing anything ... only show i icon progress Sad

RE: Mobile - joebordes - 08-17-2016

You are probably receiving some javascript error. See if you can share that with us.
Does it also fail using the online demo?

RE: Mobile - rslemer - 08-17-2016

User demo works fine ...

Is possible error because i change a default language?

RE: Mobile - joebordes - 08-17-2016

Yes that is VERY possible. I really don't know much about this module because I am not in charge of it but I do see that the language files are missing
Copy the modules/Mobile/language/en_us.lang.php file to your language and give it a try
If you translate it please share your files with us via a pull request on github or directly here and I will add it.

Let me know how it goes.

RE: Mobile - joebordes - 08-17-2016

I committed the files copying from en_us

RE: Mobile - rslemer - 08-17-2016


I created new file called pt_br.lang.php at /modules/Mobile/language

but system not considered this ( not translate .. )

RE: Mobile - joebordes - 08-18-2016

As I said I have little knowledge of this extension.
I just tried it in es_es and it seemed to be working correctly
I activated pt_br and got an error because you also need to translate this file:


after adding that I had to Logout of the CRM to get the language correctly loaded but it seemed to be working correctly

I upload some more changes and your translation file (Thanks!!)

RE: Mobile - rslemer - 08-18-2016


That another file

This module is crm-now right?

I never was able execute this module ...

maybe some additional configuration, not specified, or something like that

Each time you click on something it opens a new tab and so on?

It's too bad to work with this