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email from tickets - rslemer - 08-19-2016

A common problem in the help desk module is that all fields are sent in the mail to the end user

As in all other solutions, there are, fields to be use, only for internal support ( not included in information for final user )

I think a good idea, is a block of fields not include at email or portal too

RE: email from tickets - joebordes - 08-19-2016

We have this one in site. We will fix this.

RE: email from tickets - rslemer - 08-21-2016

Other problem, status on email sent not translate ( see attached )

In the past at vtigercrm forum have a patch for send more nice  emails ( and included custom field )

RE: email from tickets - joebordes - 09-05-2016

With the latest release of coreBOS you can customize your emails as you like: