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$mpdf->useActiveForms = true in PDFmaker? - Guido1982 - 08-31-2016

Before I spend a lot of time on creating a custom function that creates forms (because the editor does not allow it), does the MPDF call in PDFmaker include the 'ActiveForms' tag? I know it is not your obligation to know this, but since ITS4YOU are not responding to this and I don't know anywhere else to ask, I thought I'd give it a try here. And of course since PDFmaker files are obfuscated I can't find out.

RE: $mpdf->useActiveForms = true in PDFmaker? - joebordes - 08-31-2016

I really have no idea how PDFMaker works. @Omar, can you shed some light please?

RE: $mpdf->useActiveForms = true in PDFmaker? - omarllorens - 09-01-2016


I had never tried to do, but I have been researching and mPDF it supports. Apparently just you have to go to modules/PDFMaker/mpdf/config.php and set $this->useActiveForms = true, by default it is false.

You can active this, and check the possible limitations here:

Please try it and keep us informed.

RE: $mpdf->useActiveForms = true in PDFmaker? - Guido1982 - 09-01-2016

Hi Omar,

I've had some experience using the mPDF library in other implementations. I was used to using the options in the final output call but you're probably right: it could also be in a general config file. Thanks for the tip, I'll research this and get back here if I have some news.