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coreBOS Customer Portal available - joebordes - 04-22-2014

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Re: coreBOS Customer Portal available - mweaver - 04-26-2014

Hi Joe

I'm wondering... Is there a way to apply the theme for the cumstomer portal to the main code base of the CRM? It looks great by the way; much cleaner than before.

Re: coreBOS Customer Portal available - joebordes - 04-27-2014

There is no easy way to manipulate the theme in coreBOS, the look and feel and the code are very tangled together.

My vision of the whole project is to use coreBOS as a very powerful backend for business work. That means that we construct on top of that backend, we can create many different applications using a stable, tested and trustworthy code base and have just those users that need to go into the backend do so. Those users are most probably more interested in getting their work done than having a better icon set.

In that line, the customer portal has a switch in the config file:

'vtyiicpngScope' => 'CPortal',  //  CPortal | vtigerCRM

If you set that to "vtigerCRM", the whole customer portal changes it's logic and becomes a front end to the coreBOS backend, letting you do anything that the user can do inside the application (well, almost anything).

So, in short, no we can't get that inside coreBOS, but we can use it as though it were coreBOS with some (important) limitations which we inherit from a restrictive REST interrface (we are attending this issue too)