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mobile module - mweaver - 04-18-2017

Hi folks,

I'm wondering this morning where I might get the mobile module for my CoreBOS installation. this would be my CoreBOS 5 installation. I still haven't migrated to the new server yet. Procrastination and can't decide on the Linux Distro - <sigh>

I checked on the installed modules in settings and it's listed there, but accessing the application from either my iPad or iPhone its clearly not active when the data/pages are displayed. 

Any information would be appreciated.

RE: mobile module - joebordes - 04-25-2017


You should be able to access with this URL:


We have to look into updating your install though as this extension has changed a LOT, Omar has dedicated a lot of time to it and the latest version is MUCH better. I will try to reach out to you and dedicate some time to updating.

RE: mobile module - rslemer - 12-08-2017

Mobile in my installation not working, after login, system shows a blank screen with a "icon running"

I think, there a little diference, between my server and demo server, or any mistake in my setting.

How I can debug this?

RE: mobile module - rslemer - 12-09-2017

I reproduce at onlie demo

If you set a user for pt_lang, mobile not working.


RE: mobile module - joebordes - 12-09-2017

I see that


are missing pt_br language translation files. That usually produces webservice application to behave incorrectly. Please add those files and try again. Send me the translated files and let me know how it goes.

RE: mobile module - rslemer - 12-10-2017


But still not working ....



RE: mobile module - joebordes - 12-11-2017

We are missing the pt_br mobile javascript translations:

RE: mobile module - rslemer - 12-12-2017

I don't know what this means ...

txt_NumAbbrevTh: "th",
txt_NumAbbrevSt: "st",
txt_NumAbbrevNd: "nd",
txt_NumAbbrevRd: "rd",


RE: mobile module - joebordes - 12-12-2017

Those are for ordinals:

first = 1st
second = 2nd
third = 3rd
nineth = 9th

RE: mobile module - rslemer - 12-12-2017

uhhh, I don't know if exists  similar em portuguese, but ...

txt_NumAbbrevTh: "primeiro",
txt_NumAbbrevSt: "segundo",
txt_NumAbbrevNd: "terceiro",
txt_NumAbbrevRd: "nono",