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marketing dashboard - sergiogonzalezg - 06-29-2017

Ive created a marketing campaign using the marketing dashboard. Sendgrid credits run out in the middle of the sending batch. I realoaded credits on sendgrid but now the pending items show as pending but they don not get sed. Is there any way of force sending the schedled tasks?


he creado el envio de unos emails usando el marketing dashboard pero se acabo el crĂ©dito de sendgrid a mitad de envio. despues de recargar el credito en sendgrid las tareas estan en "tareas programadas" del marketing dashboard pero no se relanzan. hay algĂșn truco?


RE: marketing dashboard - omarllorens - 06-29-2017


You have to check on Settings -> Scheduled tasks if you have active the next cron: Marketing Dashboard
This cron check if exist pending jobs to finish.

If you had this cron active, but you find that is on execution long time, is because the end credit limit cause this error and block the cron.

RE: marketing dashboard - sergiogonzalezg - 07-01-2017

I ve deactivate the cron task and save it.
then i activate it back again and save it . and it started to work .
many txs