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SMS Provider - rslemer - 07-18-2017

Which sms provider, is better for use with coreBOS ?

RE: SMS Provider - joebordes - 07-18-2017

I'd say it depends on the coverage in your area of influence. From the list of the supported providers search for one that covers your geographic area well. They all work more or less the same.

RE: SMS Provider - rslemer - 07-18-2017

I need only for Brazil

Where I can get the list of supported providers?

Find it

Currently supported Providers

ClickATell, both HTTP and REST API
TeleFacil (DuocomSMS)
SMS Factor
SMS Hosting
SMS Masivos

RE: SMS Provider - joebordes - 07-18-2017

You can also go to the SMS module settings, the actual list of supported providers is there also

RE: SMS Provider - rslemer - 07-19-2017

In coreBOS there more fields than click tell show me in integration screen

What information is from and mo ?

RE: SMS Provider - joebordes - 07-19-2017

If I remember correctly Clickatell deprecated their API a few months ago and now only supports REST interface. The old interface still works for existing clients prior to the change. Try configuring the Clickatell REST provider instead of the original one.

Let us know how it goes.

RE: SMS Provider - rslemer - 07-19-2017

Ok, I will change it

from means my phone number?

and REST needs change same port in firewall?

Because, when I see on clicktell portal, not any messages from my server.

Ops, works change to REST !