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language packs - Michel001 - 08-02-2017

Hi i was wondering if there were any language packs.

the only language i can select now is English.
Would like to get Dutch if possible.

RE: language packs - omarllorens - 08-02-2017

Hi Michel, welcome to the forum.

If you want to active a new language extension you have to go to -> CRM Settings -> Module Manager -> here you will find the block "Language Extension" where you can active the language package that you want.

Look the image, please.

RE: language packs - Michel001 - 08-02-2017

Thank you.

is it possible to locate the files for the customer portal to change or create a dutch moddule ?

RE: language packs - omarllorens - 08-02-2017

Which portal are you using? can you send me the url or tell me the name, please?

RE: language packs - Michel001 - 08-02-2017

see attachement.

coreBOSCP-master downloaded it from git.

RE: language packs - joebordes - 08-02-2017

Start from your preferred language and translate core.xml and language.xml

Upload them here, send them to me or Omar or, better, create a pull request

Let us know if you run into any issues

RE: language packs - Michel001 - 08-03-2017

I will try and translate np
I will email you

I only have tomorrow. After that i have holiday

RE: language packs - joebordes - 08-03-2017

No hurry, we'll be here when you get back.

Have a wonderful time :-)

RE: language packs - Michel001 - 08-04-2017


i have put the files in an email to you

RE: language packs - joebordes - 08-04-2017


Thank you !!