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Outbound Notifications: Odd Problem - mweaver - 12-18-2014

Morning All,

I've recently started experiencing an odd problem that doesn't affect all of the contact in CoreBOS, but does affect most. Notifications aren't making it to the contact listed on the account, or contact in Core. This is happening for:
  • - tickets created
    - ticket updates (updated or status changed)
    - invoices sent
    - quotes sent

In the past I used Sendmail on the localhost to send outgoing messages from CoreBOS, but a few months ago I noticed that some contacts were experiencing a problem receiving because from time to time my dynamic static IP address gets listed as a dynamic IP address and thus mailservers won't accept messages from the MTA. So, I started using my Exchange server which uses a registered smarthost: AVG CloudCare Anti-spam to send messages out.

Before I upgraded vTiger to CoreBOS I was using this configuration without incident, however over the last week or so I've noticed this problem and it appears to be getting worse. So, I was wondering if this was a problem with CoreBOS or should I be looking elsewhere for the cause.

Before I forget:
  • - I do have a static IP address from my ISP...
    - I do have the proper rDNS entries registered for my domains with the ISP...

Re: Outbound Notifications: Odd Problem - mweaver - 12-19-2014

I think I might have an idea related to what's going on...

I noticed in the message headers from a notification that was sent. There's a reference in the headers about PHPMailer so I'm assuming there's a class somewhere in the code base responsible for acting as the MTA and sending messages. If this is sending directly by itself and not handing off the message to the local MTA for delivery, or giving the message directly to the MTA as any email client would, is it possible to tell Core to use the localhost MTA directly rather than PHP Mailer?