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Mail Manager - Settings - rslemer - 10-07-2017

I suggest move the setting section for email manager to a User Details screen

This way, is possible, for admin too, setting this fields without a logging with a user password

Most another fields working, that way is more easy and clean

Creating a new section - Mail Manager, for example

See attached images

RE: Mail Manager - Settings - joebordes - 10-07-2017

Sounds like a good idea. I added it to the list

RE: Mail Manager - Settings - rslemer - 12-10-2017


There any plan ( prevision ) for do that?

RE: [ solved ] Mail Manager - Settings - rslemer - 08-20-2019

Access the URL: https://your_server/your_corebos/index.php?module=Utilities&action=index and click on the "SMTP Settings" section.

RE: [ solved ] Mail Manager - Settings - joebordes - 08-21-2019

that task/URL is related but not completed yet to accomplish what you need. We are still working on supporting the admin user to edit any user. Now each user can set their own in and out server

RE: [ solved ] Mail Manager - Settings - rslemer - 08-22-2019

You are right, still needs log in with a user to made changes ...

RE: Mail Manager - Settings - rslemer - 09-11-2019

a suggestion, create a drop down with active users in this screen, and if user is admin, could select in pick list, the user him wish edit or change ...