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Board Registration Temporarily Suspended - mweaver - 12-22-2014

Due to the large volume of bot-junk registration traffic this board is seeing I've temporarily suspended new user account registrations. During the suspension I'll be exploring solutions for better managing this type of annoying bot traffic. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

While registrations are suspended if someone would like to register to the board, and you definitely have a heartbeat and a valid email address and are not a spammer then please email me directly with your request: Be certain to include the following in the Subject line filters are watching for this: CoreBOS Forum Registration so I know what the message is for.

Fair Warning:
My Email Filtering is very robust and as such if the sending server is blacklisted, questionable, or the return email address is invalid - i.e. user doesn't exist, or fake - I won't ever see the message. I do check quarantined messages daily so if your message gets caught in the filter please be patient.

Re: Board Registration Temporarily Suspended - joebordes - 12-22-2014

Thank you for your attention to this issue. It was absorbing a considerable amount of my time.

Re: Board Registration Temporarily Suspended - mweaver - 12-22-2014

You're quite welcome. It was starting to creep up on an hour for me.