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find duplicates - issue - rslemer - 11-29-2017

If you execute a search at find duplicates , and results needs more than one pages, there is an issue when there is two duplicate registry, and system print the first registry in page 1 and second in page 2 (for example)

In this case, can not is possible to select last line in page 1 and first line in page 2, and click in Merge button

When you click on merge button system shows "Select in least two registry for merging"

RE: find duplicates - issue - joebordes - 11-29-2017

The way that part of the application is constructed is that you can only merge records that are on the same page and it would be difficult to change that functionality. I would recommend either merge a few records that are above the one that is on two pages, or change the size of the page with the Application_ListView_PageSize variable.

RE: find duplicates - issue - rslemer - 11-29-2017


I will reproduce in online demo

Try merged company T M Byxbee Company Pc

in the filters, you can select an item on a page and navigate to a next page the selection keeps

would not this be a works too in this case?

RE: find duplicates - issue - joebordes - 11-30-2017

I tried to say above that I acknowledge the issue and that the solution is to merge a couple of records BEFORE the one that is split on two pages, that way when you reload those two will be on the same page. You can also change the page size with the global variable Application_ListView_PageSize, so that the records are not split.

It would be very hard to program a fix for this while it is extremely easy to bypass the issue simply working on the records that are before the ones that are split.

RE: find duplicates - issue - rslemer - 11-30-2017

Okay, Joe!