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coreBOS Updater shows blank screen - R_Hartman - 01-30-2015

I'm running a vTiger 5.4.0 installation with custom fields added to the Contacts form, and for the migration used the git-clone of coreBOS as instructed on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... gradevt2cb</a><!-- m -->.
The migration went flawlessly and without errors. BUT: When I select 'coreBOS Updater' from the settings icon, I get an empty page with the red circle-with-bar which also appears when I create a filter that produces no matches. The alert-box states:
No coreBOS Updater Found !
You are not allowed to create a coreBOS Updater

When I then click on 'Load Updates' I get a blank screen, with only the top line (Company name, Search box, User name and icons) and the blue menu bar. That's it.

As the installupdater.php lists a link at the bottom but the instructions omit this en instruct to refresh the page, I re-migrated from scratch and used the link, but the net result is exactly the same.

TIA for pointing me in the right direction.

Re: coreBOS Updater shows blank screen - joebordes - 01-31-2015

coreBOS updater requires PHP-DOM and PHP-XML extensions to validate and parse the XML changeset files. Make sure you have those installed.

Let me know if that fixes the problem.

I have a client who contacted me yesterday with the same problem, he said that he has these extensions installed. He gave me access to his server and I expect to have a look later today. If I run into some other issue I will inform here as soon as I can, but please keep me informed.

Re: coreBOS Updater shows blank screen - R_Hartman - 01-31-2015

Installing php-xml and reloading httpd did the trick. Thanks. (dom is loaded as part of php-xml in CentOS).

Re: coreBOS Updater shows blank screen - R_Hartman - 01-31-2015

The update brought me to version 5.5.0, where I sort of expected 5.6.0, given the fact I used the git clone. Is that correct?
Looks like updating also broke the 5.4.0 PDFMaker and EMAILMaker licenses, both ask to be reinstalled.

Re: coreBOS Updater shows blank screen - joebordes - 01-31-2015

ITS4You detects the version change. Simply reinitiate the license and you should be ok.

There is no 5.6, in fact there will be no more versions, I shouldn't have even done the 5.5, it would have been easier for a lot of things. I 'll talk about that in the near future.

In any case you are up to date and should be fine.

Thanks for trying. Keep us informed on your findings.