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multi currencies fields - saidmsl - 02-01-2015


we have currencies fields (ex : annual revenue in organisation)

however, amount entered is in base currency

is it possible to choose the currency for the field?

ex : Base currency is Euro but the customer is in USA so his annual revenue should be in USD

currency should be displayed in () : Annual Revenue (USD)


Re: multi currencies fields - joebordes - 02-01-2015

I think it is a good idea to have this field in the base currency. It isn't a field that changes much nor upon which you will base much business logic, and if you do, it is better to have all the values in the same currency for reporting and statistics.

I'm not sure I would modify this. What do you think?

Re: multi currencies fields - saidmsl - 02-02-2015


I was taking the Annual revenue as a sample

but it should not be limited to this field , any currency field (type 71)

sometimes, you might need to have the amount in the original currency for reporting purpose

ex :

US company , we deal with them in USD
european companies , we deal with them in Euro
British companies, we deal with in Pound

in reporting, we need to show the amount in each currency for each company

for not breaking the current settings , i think creating a subtype of type 71 , say 711 and add the currency picklist near the text box for this type only


Re: multi currencies fields - saidmsl - 02-02-2015

seems it's more complicated than thought

the currency is not saved in the table , only the value

need to find a way to save the currency also

Re: multi currencies fields [solved] - saidmsl - 02-03-2015

i uses a more simplier way : i created an additional field type = 117

it's ok now