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Suggest - Block theme change - rslemer - 01-09-2018

I suggest create a way for blocked user change a default theme.

For most clients, is very important keep in the standard

Today I removed, manually another theme directly for do that

RE: Suggest - Block theme change - omarllorens - 01-10-2018

Now you can do this removing the themes directories. If you removed all except softed theme, the users will just see this theme on their preferences.

RE: Suggest - Block theme change - rslemer - 01-10-2018

Yes, I do that, today.

But if user changed your theme and this same theme not is in disk directory, your screen will show completely wrong.

I think the best way, is system allowed block thru Global Variables, for example, or if directory not existsm system should set a default theme, like a softed.