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RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-22-2018

This change looks correct and will be incorporated to the application as soon as possible. You just have to wait a little bit.

Thanks David!!

RE: Users Report - kapsule - 01-22-2018

(01-22-2018, 11:53 AM)rslemer Wrote: Hi @Kapsule
Thanks for your assistance.

This is will be applied the default coreBOS version? after pull request approved ?

Or I need do another things to get it?

Hi @rslemer

The functionality is pending to be integrated into the coreBOS base installation. I have pending to modify some aspects that Joe has requested and you will have it available.

You can follow the progress from Github or on the Telegram channel


RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-22-2018

Ok, thanks again!

Will be a icon to export, the same way others modules?

pt_language - with terms added translated.

I see some news messages, and my question is system checks now if same user try to  connected in two computers with the same login?

And how a real benefit in use a LDAP? Because today is necessary create the same user/login in coreBOS too, right? only for password sincronization?

RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-22-2018

I added David's change. There is now a new export button in the user list view.

Yes, you can now force unique user connections. I hope to write about it soon in the wiki but the variable controlling that is here:

I do not know how LDAP works.

I will update the pt_br language file shortly. Thanks!!

RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-23-2018

For me, export generates a empty list ...


RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-24-2018

I just updated the online demo and it works there also

Have a look at the apache error log, see if there is some error there

RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-29-2018

I not found any message in apache log.

I tried install in other copy, not worked too.

Perhaps another problem with copy is set in pt_br or something like that?

RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-29-2018

Try it in the online demo. I just tried it in my development install with pt_br and it worked also.

Activate corebos log at debug level you should see some SQL error