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Wordpress Contact Form 7 - anilp78 - 02-07-2018

Hi there, 

Is it possible to submit data through wordpress Contact Form 7 into Corebos webform? If yes, can anyone tell me how to go about it?


RE: Wordpress Contact Form 7 - joebordes - 02-07-2018


I do not know that wordpress extension but if you can get it to submit the correct field names to the URL you will be able to do it. If you can't, but you can setup a script to map the values, you will be able to relay the values to the webform as explained here by another user:

I would recommend you setup a webservice webform as that is a lot more powerful and you will be able to do it for sure. On the documentation page, there is a comment of another user who used that to get values from the wordpress Gravity extension.

So, in general, yes, you are going to be able to do this for sure, but you will have to do some configuring

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RE: Wordpress Contact Form 7 - anilp78 - 02-08-2018

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply, I will definitely try the webservice method also, I plan to explore the features of the latest version of Corebos sometime soon !
However, I found a wordpress plugin that did the work very easily. Its called Contact Form 7 3rd Party Integration plugin, can be found at
Configuring it with webform publicid access key and field mapping did the work !


RE: Wordpress Contact Form 7 - joebordes - 02-08-2018

Nice! :-)