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[solve] Scope in coreBOS ping - rslemer - 02-15-2018

While I  did search at doc site, for coreBOS I found tool ping

About this functionality[]=ping

Thats is a good tool for monitoring.

My question is what is a scope for those tests?

I means thats test include a php setting, or php modules?

RE: Scope in coreBOS ping - joebordes - 02-16-2018

This tool is basic functionality, mostly that your install is operational. It checks:

- php version
- existence of
- existence of database settings
- existence of version file and setting
- existence of vtlib
- access to the database
- existence of admin user

we use this in our Nagios to control uptime of some of our installs

RE: [solve] Scope in coreBOS ping - rslemer - 02-16-2018


By the way, new login screen don't have in footer coreBOS version, this is a problem for check, in Nagios/Zabbix, if client has a correctly version.