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Re: CP Setup - Ekim - 07-10-2014

I already have my users and products in system so i applied the update with zip file and run the updater in system. It updated everything but I cant log in into administration part. What may be causing this?

Re: CP Setup - joebordes - 07-10-2014

what do you understand by "administration part"?

If it is settings, you can click on the cog icon in the upper right tool bar.

Re: CP Setup - Ekim - 07-10-2014

If I click the gear it goes to updates instead of settings. I might have patched a modified version without reading the below parts in updating session.

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user - pass
test - test

Re: CP Setup - joebordes - 07-10-2014

Click DIRECTLY on the icon, not in the dropdown menu that opens up
You can try updating your code, I have added the Settings options to the dropdown also.

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Re: CP Setup - joebordes - 07-10-2014

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Re: CP Setup - Ekim - 07-11-2014

It seems like I have a lot to learn about coreBOS.
I am still unable to set proper previlages to my contacts even though they are in same company.
When I try to set previlages I get a 406 and a 404 error.

Re: CP Setup - joebordes - 07-11-2014

Please open a new thread with a few screen shots.