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Click-to-dial timeouts - Guido1982 - 03-08-2018

I realise this isn't really a coreBOS issue per se, but maybe someone has an idea..

We've been getting a lot of timeouts on the click-to-dial in coreBOS. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm wondering what's timing out, since my asterisk server is on a different server.

RE: Click-to-dial timeouts - joebordes - 03-08-2018

Try asking on gitter, see if you can catch John's attention he has some knowledge on how this works.

RE: Click-to-dial timeouts - Guido1982 - 03-08-2018

Thanks, will do. If I find anything, I'll post it here for future reference.

RE: Click-to-dial timeouts - rslemer - 03-08-2018

For me works fine.

What version of Asterisk you use?

RE: Click-to-dial timeouts - Guido1982 - 03-09-2018

It's asterisk 13 on a FreePBX 13 distro version. The corebos IP is in the firewall exceptions. This office has a 4G internet connection since DSL is quite poor at that location.