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install Global Variables error
This module isn't finished yet. It is totally operative but now we need to implement system changes to make it useful.

I will document it as soon as we get to adapting the system to it, but the ides is that many of the variables in the system will now be extracted from this module instead of from configuration file (

So for example, you will be able to change the number of list view records in this module instead of manually editing the $list_max_entries_per_page variable or changing it through Settings > Configuration editor.

The power and real reason for doing this is that now, not only will you be able to change this variable (which you already could) but that the global variable module is smart enough to permit us to define that variable by user and module, so you can have accounts showing 100 records per page for one user and contacts showing 20 records per page for another user,...

Another example that you can try right now as that has been the first implementation of the module: products/services on inventory modules: you can now define if you want to see product or service first in a quote or invoice, but you can do that per module and per user.

I will keep informing...

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