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SQL report, can't filter
I have this query that I used to produce an SQL report:
PHP Code:
SELECT vtiger_salesorder.salesorder_no AS 'SalesOrder_SalesOrder_No'
vtiger_salesorder.pl_net_total AS 'SalesOrder_Net_Total_(aGD)'
vtiger_salesorder.subject AS 'SalesOrder_Subject'
CONCAT(vtiger_users.first_name' 'vtiger_users.last_name) AS 'Users_User_Name'
DATE_FORMAT(crment_so.createdtime'%d-%m-%Y') AS 'SalesOrder_Created_Time'
vtiger_products.productname AS 'Products_Product_Name'
vtiger_products.generalledgers AS 'Products_General_Ledger_Accounts'
vtiger_inventorydetails.quantity AS 'InventoryDetails_Quantity'
vtiger_inventorydetails.extnet AS 'InventoryDetails_ExtNet'
vtiger_inventorydetails.cost_gross AS 'InventoryDetails_Cost_Price'
vtiger_account.accountname AS 'Accounts_Account_Name'
vtiger_inventorydetails.inventorydetailsid AS 'LBL_ACTION' 
FROM vtiger_inventorydetails 
                 INNER JOIN vtiger_salesorder ON vtiger_inventorydetails
.related_to vtiger_salesorder.salesorderid 
                 INNER JOIN vtiger_account ON vtiger_salesorder
.accountid vtiger_account.accountid 
                 INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity crment_so ON vtiger_salesorder
.salesorderid crment_so.crmid 
                 INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity crment_id ON vtiger_inventorydetails
.inventorydetailsid crment_id.crmid 
                 INNER JOIN vtiger_users ON vtiger_users
.id crment_so.smownerid 
                 INNER JOIN vtiger_products ON vtiger_inventorydetails
.productid vtiger_products.productid 
CAST(SUBSTRING(vtiger_products.generalledgers14) AS SIGNED) > 8099 AND 
CAST(SUBSTRING(vtiger_products.generalledgers14) AS SIGNED) < 8200
) OR 
CAST(SUBSTRING(vtiger_products.generalledgers14) AS SIGNED) = 8997

CAST(SUBSTRING(vtiger_products.generalledgers14) AS SIGNED) != 8198 
AND crment_so.deleted 
AND crment_id.deleted 
AND crment_so.createdtime '2016-01-01 00:00:00' 
ORDER BY vtiger_salesorder.salesorder_no ASC 
It produces the report all right, but filtering doesn't work. I tried filtering the created time but ended up with either an empty report or an unfiltered one. I created the report both on SalesOrders and on InventoryDetails as the main module. Is this a query too complicated?

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