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New to Corebos - ModuleDesigner for Corebos?
Hello I am new to Corebos and was wondering if there's a ModuleDesigner version for CoreBos. I would like to switch to CoreBos but there are 2 key modules that I am needing in order to make the switch and was wondering if this has already been created or is in development.

1. A module similar to ModuleDesigner (in vTiger 6.2, this module made it very easy for me to learn/configure/use).
2. A robust workflow module that that allows me to create any record, especially, Invoice records. The current vTiger workflow is very limited and I have found a workflow module to do this but I can't find a version that will work with Corebos.

Can someone share some information on these for me please?

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New to Corebos - ModuleDesigner for Corebos? - - 05-13-2015, 05:07 PM

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