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-Solved- Workflow execution when saved by another workflow
Yes, I'm aware of the caveats.
I have a problem with the "Launch workflows on related updates" check box though. It is so generic i don't undestand how should it be interpreted: which workflows to launch and what are the related updates. My instinct is to understand it as: 'Launch the present workflow(that actually being the current task in the workflow) when a related element changes'. Right on the bat i feel that my instinct is wrong and it might be 'Launch some other workflows on some other related item when the present one changes' and so on. so it is unclear to me what workflow(s) are supposed to be executed and what exactly is the trigger... which are supposed to be the 'related updates'? And moreover - this checkbox is on a task, the workflow itself has another set of triggers that i'm not sure how they are supposed to be configured: on every save? on System. Mass Actions..?. I have checked the documentation and i definitely remember that i saw some example involving the use of that option it might have been a video but i think it was mainly about something else and this particular use was only a part of it anyways, i can't seem to find any examples now.
What i want to achieve is when a product is related with a subproduct i need to adjust the quantity in stock of the subproduct. That works ok but if the subproduct also have subproducts then those quantity in stock has to be adjusted too. That will not execute with the usual approach so I'm trying to figure out how to propagate that change in quantity.

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