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Subject and attachment name on Gendoc generated e-mails
Is there a way to change gendoc's default behavior for generating e-mails:
1. I want the e-mail subject to be the same as the entity subject(i work on Quotes but i gues it would be more or less the same for SO, INV, PO since they all have subject) by default
- i figured i could use the field set mapping but i really don't know what would be the source and destination in this case.
2. I want the name of the attached document to be the entity subject(Quote subject in this case)
- i mingled a bit with evvtgendoc.js and i noticed that i can alter the name in this variable:
var emailurl = 'index.php?module=Emails&action=EmailsAjax&file=EditView&attachment='+i18n+'_'+crmid+'.'+(format=='pdf' ? 'pdf' : 'odt');
but i don't know how to construct it properly.
Saving to folder and exporting is doing that by default and I would like send e-mail to behave the same
Any help is appreciated.


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Subject and attachment name on Gendoc generated e-mails - radu - 03-19-2021, 10:55 AM

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