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Creating a module record from a workflow via webservice
Webservice is a layer of calls that permit you to interact with the application from outside. For example, you can access information from a spreadsheet or create a record from a webform.
It makes it really easy to manipulate the system without getting into the internals while creating a nice high level abstraction layer.

You can read about this in our book on the subject and I would recommend you download and use the coreBOS Webservice Developer tool to get a feel of everything you can do.

The webservice libraries make it even easier to use:

Since the webservice API is at a more abstract level than the internals, it is easier to use, even from within the application, so if you want to create a record using the webservice API you would call the CREATE method:

this ends up calling the vtws_create function in the application, so, if you are programming inside the application you can directly call the vtws_create function to achieve the same goal which is a little easier than setting up and calling the save() method.

It may also be a little faster.

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